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  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

    EIA assesses and predicts the impacts of a proposed project or action on human and ecosystems well-being. As such, EIA focuses on proposed development activities. ..

  • Environmental Audit (EA)

    Environmental audit is a process to review the effectiveness of environmental management or other management requirements for their operations; and ensure conformity with environment

  • Waste Management Plan (WMP)

    The Waste Management Plan describes the procedures, systems, equipment, and structures specific to waste management and disposal.


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We assess and monitor the social and environmental impacts of agriculture, mining, housing, infrastructure and other projects.

Health, Safety and Environment Management
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  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment(ESIA)
  • Environmental Audit (EA)
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

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EIA, EA, ESIA, ESMP, EPRP EMP,Capacity building Waste Management


We design waste management programmes/strategies for municipalities, housing estates and construction sites.We assist organizations develop suitable and efficient waste management systems.


We have preferred access to the latest technologies, premier technical support and advanced training to provide our customers with the best solution possible in oil spill, erosion control, toxic waste management and laboratory services.


Sustainable solution, Sustainable projects and Environmental projects, Sustainable services, Sustainable reporting, Eco sustainability services, Sustainability management.

Energy: Planning,
management, auditing and promotion

* Drafting Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) * Planning and developing energy management systems ISO 50001 * Technology Assessment and assistance for technological transfer of know-how of systems base

Planning, management, auditing

Environmental projects

Develop suitable and efficient waste management

Accept Special Waste
at Many Locations


Solutions by Industry

Power Generation

The Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) assesses the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project, and proffers management and mitigation measures to minimize impacts to ensure environmental sustainability of the proposed project. In order to establish the prevailing condition of the proposed projects and ensure that the project does not adversely impact the environmental and social component, an ESMP is carried out to guide the successful implementation of the project across its entire life span.

Infrastructural/Construction Project

To mitigate or ameliorate the negative impacts from projects during construction and operational phases, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is being carried out to identify, reduce, prevent and offset any adverse effect that is likely to occur. The objective of EIA is to identify and evaluate all potential adverse environmental and social impacts and effects that could arise from the different phases of the proposed project and proactively develop appropriate alternatives and other measures to eliminate or mitigate the impacts on the bio-physical and social environment.

Quarry & Mining Projects

Environmental Audit is carried out in order to minimize human exposure to risks from environmental, health and safety problems, by examining procedures for emergencies, accidents response preparedness and training in areas of health, safety and environment, generate adequate environmental information assessment of facilities for the potential environmental risks that are likely to be caused by this operation to the immediate environs. It helps to assess the environmental practices of the facility, and measures taken for environmental compliance with the relevant authorities in order to determine existing and potential environmental liability associated with her operation, health and safety compliance.

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    We give our clients solutions that add value to their operations and deliver all services in integrity within international best practices.

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    Professional Workers

    We have successfully teamed with major consulting firms, engineering firms, private landowners, and commercial institutions

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    Waste Mangement

    We proffer appropriate waste management methods and technologies based on your waste streams, handling waste treatment, and disposal of such wastes.

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    Our dedication to practical, cost-effective solutions has built our strong reputation for technical excellence, and diversity of skills to meet our clients' needs

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