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Climate Change (CSV/CSA)

The concept of Climate Smart Village (CSV) involves helping villages adopt Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) from specific farmers to a landscape. Climate smart village is a community-based approach to limit the effects of climate change through engagement with stakeholders on the best interventions that fit the local context.

Climate-smart interventions

Resilience to climate change

The idea is to mainstream climate-smart interventions into village development plans with the use of local knowledge through local institutions to address the challenges in agriculture. Climate smart agriculture aims at increasing sustainable agricultural production by adapting and building resilience to climate change. It focuses on food security and national development goals and, where possible, it also aims to reduce or remove GHG emissions.

Benefits of Climate Smart Agriculture

Farmers including women to sensitize them on the latest agricultural practices and processes which would in turn improve farm yields, crops climate resistant, adopt best crop scheduling approach and by extension employ all the tools of climate-smart agricultural practice

  • Provide practical knowledge about how climate change is likely to impact agriculture, food system and security, what actions can be taken to increase productivity, build resilience to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through CSA.

  • Climate Smart Village Design

    • Weather-smart activities • Water-smart practices • Seed/breed smart • Carbon/nutrient-smart practices • Institutional/market smart activities