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Environmental Audit Report

Environmental Audit seeks to ascertain compliance of the activities implemented under the project, the existing facilities and operations with national environmental laws and regulations as well as World Bank safeguard requirements and standards and to plan for the management of potential risks and impacts likely to result from implementation of subsequent activities related to operation of the facility.

A Systematic, documented

Periodic review & project implementation

Environmental audit is a process to review the effectiveness of environmental management. Its objectives are to (i) determine whether a company complies with all regulatory and environmental performance standards, or other management requirements for their operations; and (ii) ensure conformity with environmental assessment requirements, and test the accuracy of the assessment; (iii) management control of environmental practices; (iv) staff awareness of risks and controls.

Objective of Environmental Audit

To comply with all the relevant sections of national and international environmental laws, regulations and guidelines on project development.

  • To generate information assessment for the potential environmental risks that are likely to be caused by the operation of this facility to the immediate environs.

  • To examine the exposure of staff and customer to pollution and physical disabilities (e.g. noise, temperature, emissions, hazards, etc).

  • To identify environmental risks and impacts from facility activities, and also review operational mechanism with the aim to establish associated environmental liabilities.

  • To analyze the existing environmental control systems operated by staff and management

  • Safety and Health

    In compliance with health, safety and environment, and in preparedness for any eventuality and emergency situations which may arise in the course of execution of operation, the facility management shall put in place concrete emergency response plans for her staff safety.

  • Security

    Security personnel are responsible for safety, protection of lives and properties and respond to emergencies.

  • Emergency Response Procedures

    The emergency/contingency response measures be put in place in line with documented contingency/emergency response plan: fire extinguishers, and alarm systems; Smoke detectors; Water hose reel; Well-trained fire fighters; First Aid Box; Retainership hospital