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Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

The ESMP provides the set of mitigation, monitoring, and institutional measures to be taken during the implementation and operation of the proposed project to avoid or eliminate adverse environmental and social impacts, offset them or reduce them to acceptable levels. The ESMP also includes the actions needed to implement these measures.

Mitigation, monitoring

and Institutional measures

The overall objective of ESMP is to ensure project compliance with applicable national environmental/social legal requirements of the government of Nigeria as well as the applicable environmental and social safeguards policies of the World Bank. Further, the ESMP aims to identify environmental and socio-economic benefits of the project as well as identifying potential adverse environmental and socio-economic impacts.

The overall objective of ESMP

The ESMP document also describes measures to prevent, minimize and or mitigate identified potential environmental and social impacts. . .

  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and Community Health & Safety..

  • It provides a logical framework within which identified negative environmental and socio-economic impacts can be mitigated and monitored

  • It assigns responsibilities of actions to various actors and provides a timeframe within which the mitigation measures and monitoring can be carried out.

  • Waste Management

    Effective waste management practices are implemented through the entire life cycle of the project. A specific Waste Management Plan will be developed as part of the implementation of the proposed Project.

  • Operations & Maintenance Phase

    It is expected that the project will generate paper waste, food wastes, and packaging waste as such; arrangement will be made for appropriate waste disposal system for the project.

  • Spill Prevention and Containment

    Spill containment kits would be maintained on site, and employees would be trained on spill prevention, response, and containment procedures.